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Crypto Arbitrage Innovation Platform: Fast, Secure, Simple

Cryptocurrency arbitrage

Cryptocurrency arbitrage is a trading strategy that involves searching for price differences on cryptocurrencies across different exchanges and capitalizing on the disparity by buying at a lower price on one exchange and selling at a higher price on another.

Why would I need DiMAX?

The key feature of our Company is exclusively working with the USDT/USD pair and collaborating with to leverage banking services and generate profits from market volatility while minimizing risks. This is made possible through arbitrage expertise and technologies that efficiently analyze, process, and using data from various exchanges to achieve consistently high returns.

Benefits of using our platform

Arbitrage within 5 minutes
Due to the technologies and opportunities of DiMAX Company, you can conduct arbitrage transactions in the shortest possible time, an unlimited number of times.
Buy Tether 1 to 1
DiMAX has the opportunities to purchase the StableCoin Tether at a 1-to-1 exchange rate from the official representative Tether LTD.
User-friendly interface
Our platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind. You can easily manage your transactions and view up-to-date information on arbitrage opportunities.
Security it’s a main rule
DiMAX place a high value on the security of your funds and the privacy of your data. We use advanced technology to ensure your account and information is protected.
Work with

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Manual Trading

All You Need for Manual Arbitrage



Make your crypto coins work for you

Tether Bank

Unique Bank for your cryptocurrency


Referral Program

Two types of Referral Programs. Earn a steady profit together with your friends


For those who want it all at now

Our company provides you with the ability to control all your operations, both arbitrage and referral-related, as well as any other financial transfers. You can access your transaction history, purchases, and any profile changes to keep track of all your earnings conveniently, in a simple and user-friendly interface.
Transparency in transactions
DiMAX adheres to an open policy regarding all transactions and financial operations. With each transaction, we provide full information about commissions, taxes, and other fees to ensure transparency and earn the trust of our clients.

Tether Bank

Welcome to the innovative world of cryptocurrency banking. By opening a deposit, you can earn up to 3.9% passive profit per day. Our bank offers unique investment opportunities, using your funds for arbitrage based on highly efficient algorithmic crypto trading. We ensure transparency and reliability by employing advanced technologies and strategies to eliminate risks. Your capital is protected and generates stable returns, allowing you to diversify your investments and grow with us in this dynamic cryptocurrency world. Become our client now and start earning high profits with us!

Why Tether Coins?

Tether Coin is a leading stablecoin that became the perfect choice for our company because Tether is one of the most popular and stable stablecoins in the cryptocurrency market, with a significant market capitalization. Additionally, its peg to major global fiat currencies like the US Dollar and Euro provides stability and protection against high volatility and inflation risks. Tether maintains transparency and a high level of trust through regular reserve audits and connections with global banking institutions. DiMAX aspiration to provide customers with reliable and profitable deals, and choosing Tether Coin allows us to easily achieve this goal. Trust us and start using all the advantages of DiMAX and Tether Coin for your success in the world of cryptocurrencies.

How It Works

Step 1:
Sign Up and Log In
  • To use the DiMAX Platform, you need to register an account.
  • Enter the required information correctly and complete the registration process after receiving the e-mail.
  • Log in to your created account using your login details.
Step 2:
Account Deposit
  • To perform cryptocurrency arbitrage on the DiMAX platform, you need to make a deposit in the "Wallet" section. You can deposit funds using cryptocurrencies such as USDT, BTC, LTC, ETH, TRX. However, since the company trades using the USDT/USD pair, your deposited coins will be automatically converted to Tether and credited to your trading account.
Step 3:
  • DiMAX make cryptocurrency arbitrage only between the USDT coin, as it's one of the most reliable Stablecoins, and USD. To engage in arbitrage, you should open the 'Manual Trading' page and select the 'Arbitrage' tab. Then enter the amount for the trade, choose the exchange with the desired rate, and click the 'Confirm' button.
  • Your request will be sent to the exchange, where the arbitrage will take place, which only takes a few minutes due to DiMAX's unique and innovative technologies.
Step 4:
  • After the completion of the arbitrage, you need to fix your profits in Tether. To do this, you should perform a Swap from USD to USDT on the "Manual Trading" page under the "Swap" tab. Meanwhile, DiMAX representatives make the exchange with the official USDT coin holder -, submitting a bank request and obtaining a 1-to-1 exchange rate, which helps maximize the profit from your arbitrage trade. When the Swap is completed, USDT will be automatically credited to your balance.
Step 5:
  • After completing the full cycle of Arbitrage and Swap, you will receive Tether back into your account, taking into account your profit, and you'll have the opportunity to start a new arbitrage, withdraw funds, or use DiMAX's services and features. For instance, you can invest in Tether Bank to generate passive profit, purchase the company's educational courses, improve your personal DiMAX account, and much more.


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